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Cryolipolysis treatment for localized fat reduction

We are increasingly concerned about our health, about doing sport and eating in a healthy and balanced way. Sometimes, despite the effort to achieve our ideal and balanced body, we do not achieve the expected result in certain localized areas.

We want you to look better than ever and offer you a simple, fast and effective way to reduce fat in those areas that bother you the most. This is why we developed the Cooltech Define treatments.

Cooltech Define treatments are based on cryoadipolysis or “fat freezing” technology. It safely freezes the fat cells so that they die in a controlled way and your body naturally expels them. That’s how easy it is to reduce fat painlessly and effortlessly! In addition, Cooltech Define has 360º freezing plates that will freeze even the most stubborn fat.


What are Cooltech Define treatments?

Cooltech Define treatments are localized fat reduction treatments. Its technology freezes the adipose tissue in a totally safe and non-invasive way. You can treat up to 4 areas in a single session so you can define your figure much more quickly.

During the process of freezing the fat tissue, only the fat cells are damaged. This is because these cells are rich in fatty acids, which begin a freezing process.

Prior to the treatment, the areas to be treated will be defined according to your type of tissue and fat fold. Once defined, the most appropriate handle for your treatment will be chosen.

Cool Gel Pad

The treatments are very safe and your skin will be protected at all times with our patented Cool Gel Pad, an anti-freeze doble gel wipe that will keep your skin in perfect condition.

Treatment areas

Cooltech Define treats most areas of the body, its 9 handles have been designed to adapt to soft and hard tissues, flat and curved areas.

Supraumbilical abdomen
Infraumbilical abdomen
Outer thigh
Inner knee
Frontal upper knee



is it a safe technique?

Cryoadipolysis is a safe non-invasive technique that activates the apoptosis procedure by applying controlled cooling to permanently remove a significant number of fat cells from the treatment areas. This, unlike other invasive methods, is not a procedure that requires anesthesia or recovery time, since the elimination of this process is natural and physiological.

can i treat up to 4 zones at the same time?
Now with Cooltech Define it is possible to perform a treatment with 4 applicators simultaneously in the same session, this will help achieve a complete body remodeling in less time.
how many sessions will i need to see results?

Treatment sessions vary depending on the type of patient and treatment areas, normally results are noticeable 2 – 3 months after the first session. To maximize these results we recommend following a low-calorie diet low in saturated fat and physical activity at least 3 times a week.

how long do i have to wait until the next session?

It is necessary to leave an interval of 6 to 8 weeks for the same area of treatment. It is suggested to do a maximum of 4 areas per session, however all treatment plans must have previous medical evaluation.

during treatment

is it painful?

The activation of the inflammatory process may cause a mild pain referred as pins and needles or cramps in the treatment area, however the intensity of the pain will depend on the vascular and nerve irrigation of the treatment area, this symptom is usually self-limited within a few hours after treatment without any therapeutic measures.

In case of severe pain, it is recommended that a medical evaluation be made and not self-medicate.

how long does the therapy last?

There are 3 treatment times depending on the applicator used: 45 minutes for small areas and applicators; and 50 and 70 minutes for large areas and applicators.

The time will be selected based on the availability of the patient and according to the effectiveness you want to obtain.


how will the treated area feel after the session?

Immediately after the treatment session, the patient refers the treatment area with a slight decrease in sensation, however this symptomology usually subsides within a few hours of treatment.

is there any physical activity that cannot be done after the session?

No, however it is recommended not to do physical activities that impact the treatment area, this to avoid the appearance of side effects.

how long do the results last?

The results of the treatment are permanent, however to maintain these results it is important to have a definitive change in eating and physical activity habits.

what recommendations can i follow to maintain the results?

Follow a low-calorie, low-saturated fat diet and be physically active at least 3 times a week. There are other non-invasive techniques such as lymphatic drainage and radiofrequency that could potentiate the results of this technique and help maintain the results previously obtained.

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