massage treatments

Traditional Swedish Massage
1hr £49.95, 1hr 30mins £70

A relaxing classic – our personalised Swedish massage with light-to-medium pressure using blended aromatherapy essential oils.

Deep Tissue Massage
1hr £54. 1HR 30MIN £75

Our deeply corrective massage releases muscle tension and toxins from the body. Our specialists will help to relieve pain and discomfort in congested areas within muscles, tendons and ligaments due to stress, injury, or overuse to restore proper range of motion, leaving your body in a state of relaxation and gratitude.

Mother-To-Be Massage
1hr £50

Our prenatal massages are designed be relaxing and supportive in those special months. We can also to improve function and reduce pain. Luxuriate in our beautiful rooms while you receive the best prenatal massage care possible. Our prenatal massage treatments are performed with scent free lotion, and tailored to your needs.

Hot Stone Massage
1hr £55

Experience the deepest form of relaxation with our hot stone massage therapy. Your muscles will melt under warm basalt river stones that deeply penetrate tense muscles, releasing toxins. Restore balance to your body and leave feeling calmer, more relaxed and stress-free.

Indian Head Massage
30mins £35

Safe, and gentle head therapy. It is also very effective at relieving all different types of pains down the neck and mentally as well as re-energising your body. The massage promotes a deep sense of peace, calm and serenity.

Back Neck and Head Massage
30 mins £35

This rejuvenating massage focuses on those tension hotspots. It starts by relaxing tired and tight muscles in the back and neck, followed by a stimulating scalp massage to ease the stress away.

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